Counselling gives children and young people a safe, private place to talk about anything that’s worrying them.

When anxious, their school work, friendships and home life can be impacted in a different and often negative way. Problems which may seem unimportant to an adult (teacher/parent) may seem overwhelming to a child. Being able to talk to someone outside their situation can help them to feel less worried and burdened and more able to actively enjoy their lives. I listen without judging, helping the child or young person to sort through their troubled thoughts and feelings.

The issues may include;

  • Coping with change at home or school. ·
  • Dealing with grief and bereavement through death or other aspects of loss ·
  • Difficulties in relationship with friends or with family members.   

After an initial meeting to see whether counselling is right for them and we are willing to work together, a number of sessions are arranged, possibly six. The number depends on the usefulness of the sessions and is open to review. Sessions are up to 50 minutes long. 

Confidentiality is very important and there is no reporting back to school or parents. It is important to develop trust between myself and the child, keeping the sessions as private as possible.

I have an enhanced CRB check.